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Welcome to Jet Lag Manifesto!

My Name is Ola and this is my blog!

 (or Manifesto [/ˌmanəˈfestō/]- a public declaration of intentions, opinions, objectives, or motives).

And that’s me! This photo was taken at the top of Machu Pichuu, in the wee hours of the morning. Many people think I’m always up in the clouds- and this time, they are exactly right! I am up in the clouds and can’t imagine a place I rather be.

There is so much I can say, yet so little all in the same.

I travel. Period. That is the most important thing there is to know- especially considering this website is completely inspired by those travels- past, present and future.

Travel seems to be everything in my life. I consider it a hobby (a very expensive one), it is the primary subject of my job (Manager of a travel agency), my parents are avid travellers, and to me, It is just such an important aspect in my life.

In my life there are many important things. There’s my family, which trumps all. There are my friends, my job and other standard listed items. However, after my family… Travel comes in to a very health second place position.

I have never been one to be great in the classroom- nor do I hold the conventional book smarts. To me, the world has become my classroom. I have never experienced more and learned more than whilst travelling. Those lessons were technical, emotional, cultural, challenging, fun, beautiful and any other adjective i can think of that would best describe it.

This site is simply out there for me to share those experiences and lessons. I wanted to chronicle those travels, those journeys, those experiences-near or far. Maybe in return, inspire someone to set off on their very own adventure.

I don’t measure my success in dollar figures- If i had, I would be at the bottom of the success barrel. My goals and my success are measured in the experiences and memories I hold that are far less tangible than money.

I plan to spend the rest of my life learning and experiencing everything this world has to offer, after all, I can’t think of a more exciting way to learn than to explore this global classroom.

I hope you join me on my journey of exploration, perhaps learn a little from me, and allow me to learn a little bit from you too!

Happy Travels, Ola


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  1. I found you through WP forums as I’m just starting up with this theme. Your blog is beautiful and I can’t wait to watch it develop. And what a picture of you in the clouds!

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