What the Gnome?

One of the most fun things about travelling the world is discovering everything it has to offer.

Some trips are about hitting those essential world sites and wonders, some are about getting in tune with the culture, and some have none of that at all.

One of my favourite things about travelling is discovering all the quirks of any given area- as every city or country in the world definitely has its quirk.

On my last visit to Europe, when I was in Poland, not too far off from where my family lives is a city called Wroclaw- a beautiful city with a gorgeous main square, very familiar to that of Krakow and not far from the Czech border. My favourite thing about the city was not its appearance or location, but the gnomes. Yes, you read that correctly, I said gnomes!

Across the city, you will stumble upon bronze gnomes. Some are very apparent and others are hiding. Some low. Some high. But all have their very own story.

It first started as an art installation, and seemingly over night, more and more of these little guys kept popping up. I think now there are over 100 across the city; which now can basically be turned into a scavenger hunt, which to me, is exactly what it became.

It was a mission! The adorable little Krasnoludki (gnomes in Polish) were the center of my attention, and tracking all of them down was key! (Well, almost all of them).

Not all travel has to be about seeing a famous landmark or monument. Sometimes travel is simply about finding what makes that place unique in its own right.

With that said, here is my collection of the Wroclaw Gnomes. Aren’t they just THE BEST!

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