Disney World. Check!


As most kids, I grew up always wanting to go to Disney World. In my youth, it wasn’t a possibility for a few reasons, none of which I’m resentful for.

But this year it was my turn! I was able to first hand learn that you don’t have to be a child to go to Disney World, or for that matter have to be a child to have the time of your life at Disney World. You can be a kid, you can be a teen, an adult, and a senior- black or white, gay or straight, it really doesn’t matter! Disney World is actually a place for everyone to live out their childhood dreams!

I was lucky enough to recently go with my mommy and really be a kid again, and we had the best time ever!

mommy and me

In the true sense of the word, it was magical. Those Disney marketers aren’t lying when they say it is the “happiest place on earth”. It is! It really, really is!

And I get it, there are some people who will spread their negative mumbo jumbo about how it is all just another theme park ready to pick your pockets dry with overpriced merchandise, lame rides and cheesy performances.

Those people have clearly not been to Disney World before- or they are just bitter, or dead inside; any of those excuses will suffice for such slanderous thoughts.

Like any other business out there, it makes money, and lots of it. There is no denying it. However when you pay to go to Disney, you are paying for quality. Everything is done to perfection. The grounds are immaculate, the characters are exact, people are friendly, rides are fun- everything is just perfect. It really is like stepping into a storybook. Magic Kingdom was my personal favourite. It was the part of the world that I related to the most. All the stories of my childhood came to life in this one area. With the new addition of Fantasyland, Beauty and the Beast, Little Mermaid, Peter Pan and more all come to life. I think we spent 75% of our time there. Stories of my generation were depicted in the happiest of ways. I don’t think children that go to Disney even realize how amazing everything really is.


Although I’m typically not overly fond of large amounts of children, it was so nice to see so much excitement in one place. I’ve never seen so many little princesses in my life, I was just really jealous they got to have a makeover at the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique and I didn’t. Oh to be young again. Sigh. These kids really don’t know how good they have it!

It’s funny how in this one place, adults and kids really become equals. I feel as though a lot of adults use children as an excuse to go to Disney World. I saw them lining up with their kids and forcing them to take photos with the characters. I wouldn’t be surprised if they cropped the kids out later too! Personally, I have no shame! I wanted pictures with every single character there!


Nonetheless, there is no such thing as sad or angry here. There is happy and happier.

Even after watching every parade, some twice, you are still excited to see it again, as if it is the best thing in the world. Same thing with the fire works. Although you see them for all sorts of occasions, it is so much different and so much more amazing when you watch them after a long day hunting down your favourite characters and with Jiminy Cricket narrating in the background. Not to mention the perfect vision of the Magic Kingdom castle. Oh memories.


Long story short, this isn’t just a theme park. As cheesy as it sounds, it really is where dreams come true. Your childhood dream, a child’s dream to meet a princess, the simplicity of your favourite stories coming to life as well. Also, it is a place that reminds you to dream, and reminds you that anything is possible. As Walt Disney once said, “I only hope we all don’t lose sight, it all started with a mouse” And even more famously so “All of our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”


Disney World is a reminder of a dream turned to reality, as well as a reminder to turn your dreams into reality and teach kids to do the same. I hope everyone could see this one “theme park” as being a reminder, because I don’t know of any other like it in the world.


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