They’re here! They’re Here!


So I have a confession. I am a hoarder.

There, I’ve said it! Ok, maybe I’m no where near as intense as those people on tv with the crazy houses where you have to climb over stockpiles and they are too afraid to throw away used bandaids. I’m more so the kind of hoarder where I have collections. I have magnets from around the world, bottles of sand, travel books, hats, shoes etc.

Today, I started a brand new collection and part one just came in the mail!!!! Eeeeekkkkkk!

Just like the others, this is a perfect sub-category to my travel collection. I have started collecting the American Geographical Society’s “Around the World Program” books circa 1950’s/1960’s. These are true vintage travel finds!

With one book for every country (or cluster of smaller countries), discussing various sights, general history and pertinent facts of that time. What I love most about these books, is to see how the world has changed in the last 40-60 years! Just from looking at them, wow! What a different world we live in today.

For instance, Machu Picchu had not even been mentioned in the Peru book- it was not even considered a tourist attraction at that time (primarily because it was still in midst of reconstruction). Iraq was a beautiful country with sultans and mysticism. The middle east was at peace and not being pushed into a state of war.

I am very thankful for the world I am able to see today. These books did remind me though, not to take it for granted, because in a few years, those things may no longer be there. With the way the world is self destructing today, I want to be sure I can experience as much of it as possible.

Here are my First 28 books!!!! Now it’s time to collect the rest (this my be a dangerous hobby! [but so is travelling])

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