Hometown Glory : Color Me Rad!

Sometimes when travelling internationally, it is incredibly easy to forget the things that are right here in your own country- or your hometown so to say. This year I am really trying to make a conscious effort to really experience everything my backyard has to offer. There are so many events, activities, concerts, attractions, festivals and incredibly fun things to do- it is just easy forget that those things are here at your disposal.

Color Me Rad

This weekend I decided it is time to really get involved. Not too long ago I came across an event called “Color Me Rad“, basically it is a 5K run which takes a little inspiration from the Hindu Holi Festival. For those who are unfamiliar with this festival, it is essentially a festival of colour where people throw powders and dyes at each other creating a sea of colour. This run is touring across North America, and when I saw it was coming to Toronto, I had to go!

Color Me Rad

In every destination there is a different cause, for Toronto it was a run for the Big Brothers and Sisters foundation.

It was a rain or shine kind of event, and oh did it rain! ¬†As they say, the show must go on, and perhaps it was for the best, because the colour really stuck! Regardless of the weather, it was a great day! A few good laughs, a few colour bombs to the face…and we made it. Now I can not say there was much running going on, but it was worth the walk. Its 2 days later and I still have blue in my hair… I have a feeling that may take a while.

Regardless of the event though, see what is going on in your city and get out and do it, and check the Color Me Rad website because you may have this run coming to you! Here is a warning though… it sells out quickly so don’t think about it, just do it!

Have fun everyone…PS keep your mouth closed when you are near the colour stations- consider yourself warned!

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