This week had not turned out the way I had planned. With getting very ill 4 days prior to departure, my grand packing scheme fell apart completely. However with 18 hours to spare, I’m DONE!

So here it is…

Where I’m going: Kathmandu, Nepal – Everest Base Camp Trek

How: Guided tour with G-Adventures (trek using assistance of sherpas)

Duration: 19 Days (including travel time)

Time of Year: Mid May

What I actually Packed:


Copy of tickets/vouchers
Money + Credit Card
4 Passport sized photos (for visa and trekking pass)
Travel Insurance Docs


Day Pack- MEC Aria 30 + Rain Cover
Hiking Boots- Merrell Arctic Fox 8
Light hiking Shoes- Merrell Bare Access Arc 2
Flip Flops – no name cheap pair for showers etc
Waterproof, seam-sealed jacket
Waterproof pants (top layer)
Thermal Socks- 4 pairs (Heat Holders- Best socks ever, but very thick)
Normal socks- 8 pairs
Mid Weight Wool Socks – 2 pairs
Underwear- 15 pairs
5 Bras
Gloves/ Hat / Head Bands
5 Buffs (Neck warmer, head band, face cover-Tons of uses)
T-shirts- 5 (2 moisture wicking, 2 smart wool, 1 plain)
3 tank tops (plain racer-back)
1 light puff jacket- Lululemon
Long Sleeve tops/thermals (heavy white Nike, Lululemon running shirt, 2 plain longsleeves from VS Pink)
Lounging sweaters – TNA baja sweater, AE comfy hoody
Walking pants- 2 pairs (MEC & Piranha)
Leggings- 3 pairs
Extra pair of boot laces


Sleeping Bag (-7 degree plus barrel bag)
2 compression sacks (outdoor research, 15 L + 30 L)
Snacks (Cliff Bars, Chocolate bars, Beef Jerky)
Tea + Hot Chocolate
Instant Oatmeal
Flash Light (2 torches + headlamp)
2 1Litre water bottles (Camelback + Nalgene)
First Aid Kit (LOTS of band aids- various varieties, Gauze, tape, antiseptic wipes, Polysporin spray, Advil, Gravol, Imodium, water purification tabs,
Knee Brace (personal requirement)
Toiletries (Toothbrush/toothpaste, baby wipes, face wipes, general wipes, Facial sunscreen, regular sunscreen, 2 lip balms, 2 mini bottles of dry shampoo, soap, body spray, hair brush, deodorant, moisturizer, facial moisturizer, tissues, sanitizer, mirror)
Hand warmers
Bag of dryer sheets (to keep everything smelling nice)
Zip lock bags
XL Microfiber travel towel

Other :

DSLR Camera (Nikon) + extra battery + charger
Point an shoot digi cam (Sony) + charger
4 memory cards
IPad Mini + Charger
IPhone/pod + headphones + charger
Mini Calculator (for haggling purposes)

So there you have it! That is what I’m taking with me. So if I’m missing anything now, its basically too late and I’ll have to get it there!  I was planning on making the photographic portion much more in depth, but thanks to an unwanted virus, this is all i could get done. When I get back I will update it more thoroughly.

 What I wish I packed:

Febreeze spray- I typically pack this, and I ended up forgetting it. It is always handy, especially when you don’t have a place to wash clothes. Just a quick refresher.

More zip-locks- These come in really handy and I short changed myself on these.

Cold Medication- I typically have this in my first aid kit, but I only had a few pills, and it would have been great to have a whole pack.

What I wish I had left at home:

My Sleeping bag- I ended up renting a much less bulky one…for $1 per day!!! It ended up keeping me incredibly warm, and it packed down to nearly nothing! Renting in Kathmandu pre-tour is incredibly easy and cheap! strongly suggested!

Water-proof pants – Although it rained a few days, I left these back in Kathmandu to stay within weight limits, and for good reason, because even if I had them with me, I would not have worn them. It would have just created more heat than necessary.

Tea/hot chocolate- Both items are available at any and every tea house. Although getting more expensive closer to the top, unless you are on a strict budget, and don’t want to pay 50 cents to a dollar for a cup, then maybe it is a good idea, but I purchased everywhere.

Half the thermal tops. I was overweight, so I only brought 3 of the 5 and that was more than enough!

Other than that, I would consider this my best pack thus far, I didn’t over pack and with the exception of a few things, I brought the perfect amount of everything.

Thing you will buy in destination:

Toilet paper- this goes quickly and you buy it constantly. I suggest you go to a supermarket in Kathmandu pre-tour and buy a bundle, it weighs nothing and is about a  tenth of the price once in the mountains.

Tissues- Along with toilet paper, tissues are an absolute must! WIth the altitude and the weather changes, sniffles will soon follow!


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