Philosophy of Packing

Packing List

Packing is an art, and after a long list of travels, one would assume I know exactly what I’m doing; that is still very far from the truth. Packing is difficult, especially to places you have never been, doing things you have never done before and going to climates that are unfamiliar. Do I bring two pairs of pants or four? Shoes or boots? Rain jacket or no rain jacket? It really is the most tedious part of any adventure.

Although still not the packing professional I strive to be, I have learned some things along the way. I’m always look for blog advice on packing; some of it is good advice, and some is absolutely terrible advice! Take it with a grain of salt and always consider what works for others may not work for you.

These are my basic thoughts/tips on packing

–  Always, always, always bring double the money you think you need, or at least have access to it
–  Don’t listen to the crazies who tell you to bring 2 pairs of undies, unless you plan do to laundry every day. Bring at least enough for half the duration of your trip, or one for every day if you don’t have access to laundry- they don’t take up that much space or weight!
–  Pack light, but don’t sacrifice the things you want to bring!
–  Stop buying “travel clothes”, just buy clothes- they are a lot cheaper and ALWAYS look better on, and usually are just as effective
– Never bring more items of clothing than your days of travel…Ie, don’t bring 7 pairs of pants for 5 days of travelling
–  Make an itemized list to know exactly what else you need, or don’t need
–  Pack outfits, not individual items (this is more for the ladies), If you know what you want to wear and when, you will end up packing a lot less
–  If travelling 7 days or less, only use a carry-on (I know!! Sounds crazy, but it comes with experience)
–  If you think you need it, bring it!
–  You really don’t need more than 3 pairs of shoes for any trip (and that’s being generous)
–  Do your research! i.e.. don’t bring all summer clothes to a place off season
–  If possible, get your toiletries in destination
–  Always bring a sweater, even if it’s supposed to be the hottest place on earth!
–  If you can’t lift your luggage comfortably, you packed too much
–  If you forget something… it is OK, you will actually do just fine without it!

This is really just a packing introduction. From today onwards, for every trip I take, I will make an itemized, photographic list of everything I pack for my trips. Then follow up with what I should have brought and should have left at home. Basically I’m trying to make a list I always hoped to find online, but didn’t. Also, I’m hoping this prevents me from trying to pack the night before!

Wish me luck on my packing ventures! And feel free to share your tips and tricks! Oh, and always remind me if I have forgotten something brilliant!

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