Welcome Spring

I know what you may be thinking, I’m about a month behind; where I live though, it is just starting!!! I love Canada. It is my country, the place I Live- My home.

However, Mother Nature was very silly this year and gave us an extended winter. To the point that on April 2oth/13, we had flurries (Light snowfall)! Aren’t April showers meant to bring May flowers?

Regardless, spring is finally in the air, allergies are on high alert and the travel bug is looming. In my industry, the winter is a very busy time of year; which means very little time to get away. Spring marks the beginning of slow season, which for me means travel time!
Very exciting time with some very exciting trips coming up!

Coming up first, in less than three weeks- NEPAL!

This will be a VERY exciting venture, as I will be trekking towards Everest Base Camp! It will be a challenge, but I cannot wait to embark on this adventure! AND it is another item for me to cross off the LIST! Stay tuned…

A few 24 hour get-away plans also in the midst.

 I’m planning a little something for September / October, so if all works well, it will be announced soon.

 And what may be more exciting than anything… My FIRST trip to Disney World! EVER!!!!!

In the mean time, a little website redecorating was in order for the changing of seasons, and soon enough, with a little more travel will come many more posts!

Happy spring time everyone!

Can’t wait to share my travels with you!- OLA

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