Something I have come to realize while travelling is how insignificant our existence is in the grand scheme of things. With a population of just about 7 billion people, approximately 21 different religions, over 6000 spoken languages and just over 190 countries; it is hard not to feel insignificant.

My problems are not real. They are insignificant.

Seeing people around the world, who have very little, and live in standards we could never fathom; complaining about menial things now seems incredibly selfish. It is very difficult to think outside of your own life and dramas. But when I personally come across a speed bump, I think back to my travels, remember the people I have met along the way and remember that I have a very good life.

Some of the happiest people, who had the brightest smiles I’ve ever seen, also had the least. Their worries aren’t what profile picture to post on Facebook- these are the people who wonder where their next meal is coming from and how they can keep their families thriving.

I have NO problems. My life is actually blessed. I live in a country where I have rights, and freedom. As a woman I can walk freely and have an opinion. I have the option of becoming anything I want to, without punishment.

We are all just a spec when it comes to the big picture. Just 1 in 7 billion.  I can bet, that if you are able to read this from somewhere, you already more fortunate than most people in this world, so always remember, it’s a big world, and you are just a spec.

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