TOP TEN: Things to do in Cape Town

Cape Town is a beautiful place with so much to see and do! It is really hard to just narrow down the things to do in the city and surrounding area, but this is the list of what I would consider the “top ten things to do in Cape Town”.


NUMBER ONE: Table Mountain

When thinking about Cape Town, many people automatically associate it with the flat top mountain. So when visiting Cape Town I strongly suggest everyone takes a visit to the top! Plan wisely though, because the cable cars will not go up on a windy day, and Cape Town is notoriously windy! So don’t schedule it in your itinerary on any specific day. The moment you notice the wind is down, GO! Definitely worth the views!

 Table Mountain

NUMBER TWO: Cape Point

Taking a scenic drive down the coast towards the Cape of Good Hope is an absolute must! The views are beautiful the whole way through, but don’t forget a hair tie, because it sure is windy! A little way outside of the city bowl, but to get some iconic views, it is the only way to go. Cape Point is a great area to just spend the day and relax.

Cape Point and Me!

NUMBER THREE: Shark Cage Diving

Although not for the faint of heart, getting into a cage into shark infested waters is quite the experience! There are few places in the world that will offer this experience, but just a couple hours outside of Cape Town, you can directly look a Great White in the eyes. This experience is incredible, and to do it in the south of Africa is just amazing! PS. The water is FREEZING, so be prepared for that to scare you more than the sharks!

Great White

NUMBER FOUR: Stellenbosch

Stellenbosch wine region is a great little area. Known for its amazing wines and wineries, it is like the Tuscany of Africa. Beautiful wine lands with great scenery and food to match. If you are a wino then it is a must visit. If you are not, it is still a must visit. Oh, and don’t forget to do a wine tasting or two, or maybe even three!

Stellenbosch Wine Tasting

NUMBER FIVE: Boulders Beach

Boulders Beach is where you will find the most adorable little penguin colony. Hiding all over the place, and lounging on the beach, these are the most wonderful little characters. Be careful though, as cute as they are, they are still wild animals and come with a bite.

Penguin at Boulders

NUMBER SIX: Sand boarding

Care to try something new? How about boarding through some South African sand dunes. One of the birthplaces of the sport and approximately 40 minutes outside of Cape Town, you have the option to do just that. Not incredibly easy, and definitely requires some level of athleticism. Don’t forget, chairlifts are not an option, so once you’re down; it’s all you to get back up!

Sand boarding spot

NUMBER SEVEN: V&A Waterfront

Although swarmed with tourists near and far, this is one of the prettiest waterfronts I have ever seen. Great shopping, fabulous restaurants, a panoramic view of Cape Town and Table Mountain; what can be better than that. Most days you can catch some great performers and on days you don’t you can sit back at one of the many patios and just enjoy the sea breeze. A visit to Cape Town is really not complete unless you stop by the waterfront.

V&A Waterfront


Cape Town and surrounding area has a great beach vibe. There are so many from Clifton Beach, to False Bay, Muizenberg, Long Beach, Camps Bay and the list can really go on. Each one has a different view, different crowd and different waves. Having a beach day or two is a must! Head over to Wooly’s, pack a lunch and you’re set for the day! But do not forget that sunscreen, yet again; a lesson learned the hard way.


NUMBER NINE: Robben Island

South Africa in general is filled with prolific history. When in Cape Town, to get a very small taste of the history that makes South Africa what it is today, Robben Island is a must. Although not exactly what anyone would consider as a “fun” day trip, it is an eye opener. So in the midst of all the fun Cape Town has to offer, taking a trip to Robben Island is like a moment of silence, to respect the struggles of a still very divided nation.

NUMBER TEN: Shop and Eat

Ladies, and Gents…mainly ladies! The shopping is fabulous! From high-end boutiques at the V&A, to quirky shops on Long Street, there is a little bit of something for everyone. Oh, and seeing as you’re in Africa, perhaps pick up a couple souvenirs in Green Market square, just remember! Haggle Haggle Haggle! Usually shopping and eating go hand in hand, and there are more than enough places to suit your appetite. My personal favourite is the Bombay Bicycle Club on Kloof Street. This is a restaurant with a very eclectic décor, and people to match! The food however is top notch- my personal favourite is the steak with chocolate sauce! AMAZING.  Oh, and it also helps that the seats were really swings hanging from the ceiling. This is just one of the many amazing options, but the food will never disappoint!


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