Vacation for a traveller


Travelling is not all fun and games; it can be a tough gig. Travels are full of adventures that come with planning and organizing. Once that is done, it comes down to the doing. 24 hours of activity, exploration, learning; sleep is for the weak after all. So after back-to-back trips that involved pure exploration and not relaxation, it was time for a quick getaway.

Even a traveller needs a vacation; and what better place to do it than the Dominican Republic. In the true testament of any vacationer, I did absolutely nothing. Slept all day, drank banana mamas, then slept some more. However, an incredibly amateur act was committed. I had fallen asleep in the mid-day sun…on day one! Which in turn had left me with a terrible burn, which even after a week from returning home, I’m still paying for. Learn this lesson, Vacationing can be tricky too, sunscreen, and burns, sand getting everywhere, rotating enough to get an even tan- these are things that don’t typically concern me in other travels, I have realized on this trip though, I am an amateur when it comes to straight vacationing. So there you have it, not every style of travel is for everyone, perhaps I am too high strong to just lay around, but sometimes it’s great to do a little bit of nothing.

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