In my professional opinion: The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

The View

My first time in Las Vegas had been in September of 2011. I had decided that if I was going to do Vegas, I was going to do it right!

I had booked The Cosmopolitan for a few reasons.
#1 It was new
#2 It was very posh
#3 Most rooms have balconies
#4 Location Location Location

Don’t get me wrong, I was trying to get an agent rate, however none were available, and at that point I had not been an agent long enough to really be eligible for those rates anyways. I had just booked the package as anyone else would. I did however send a very friendly email to hotel management prior to my visit with some very kind requests.

I flew in on a Wednesday night, and what a great night it was to arrive. I have read many others’ reviews on this property prior to my arrival, and many stated how long and disorganized check-in was. My experience was far from that. I do presume it was that I had arrived after 10 pm on a Wednesday, so obviously it was not a busy time, but that is something to definitely consider.

I did not have a particularly wonderful flight as I became incredibly ill after having an airport dinner, but let me tell you, The Cosmopolitan had quickly cured that.
The only request I had for the hotel was that I receive a room with a view of the Bellagio fountains! What I got was far greater. Now, I am not sure to this day if this was a fluke, or an agent incentive, but when I had arrived, the check-in representative very solemnly and apologetically had stated that my 1 Bedroom suite was completely booked. Consider that a sneak attack, because he then stated, “Don’t worry, we upgrade you to the corner wrap around suite!” AMAZING!!! Any ill feelings I had from my flight quickly disappeared.

Now the hotel itself is beautiful. It does not have any theme, nor does it share the reputation of some of the old dogs on the strip, but it is special in its own right. The first thing I noticed when I entered was the smell. Unlike some other Las Vegas properties that had a musty smoky smell, it was the smell of a hip, clean hotel. After that, the sleek modern decor really strikes you. The lobby is covered in television screens that change the scenery from an aquarium, to an old library to just some psychedelic imagery. The hotel is divided into two towers, I was in the west. Personally I don’t think one is particularly better than the other, some share a different opinion. It has everything one can want from Vegas. Amazing 5 star restaurants (and a hidden pizza place) and bars that make the best Mojito in town. Shopping to suit any taste, clubs, pools and of course a Casino (not the biggest or the greatest, but just perfect for this hotel. Over all it is just great!

On to the room- WOW, just wow! From what I understand, when the hotel was under original construction, it was meant to be a condominium (hence all the balconies), which in turn meant most of the rooms were apartment style, which really adds to that feeling of luxury. The room I had received was amazing; it was the corner wrap around suite, which meant it was HUGE. Full kitchen, living room, two bathrooms, huge bedroom (with the comfiest bed I have ever slept in), and of course the wrap around balcony. It was the kind of room you see in movies!

In general, just a great property, looks beautiful, feels like Las Vegas, and it comes with some of the most amazing views! Many people will say, “I won’t even be in the room”. OK, that may be the case when you have a regular room and you don’t want to stay there. But when you have a wrap around balcony with the greatest views of Vegas, having a nice glass of wine on the terrace may be more fun than anything else to do. Sometimes it is just a case of sitting back, and enjoying the view.

I personally thought the service was great. Everyone seemed genuinely friendly, and actually friendly- without the pompous, forced attitude that sometimes comes with other 5 star properties.

Like with any other property though, it doesn’t come without its kinks (mind you, I did visit while it was still incredibly new). It is Vegas, It is busy, and it is loud. Those hoping for a nice quiet relaxing holiday will not find it here. So to complain about noise from a club is redundant. Yes, in the evening you could hear the bass from the speakers in your room, no matter what level you are on, but hey, you’re in Vegas, GO OUT! 
I personally did not have a problem with housekeeping. Every day my room was perfectly cleaned and organized, no problems there. 
Front desk was always helpful- we had a little bit of a charge dispute in regards to the mini-bar. In all fairness though, they have incredibly sensitive sensors- that I suppose they were used to, so all was resolved very quickly.

I truly have no complaints of this property. I think it is absolutely amazing, very much so a 5 star. Keep in mind though; this posh gem on the strip does come with a price tag. Now gaining more and more popularity, the price is rising with it. I would go there again in an instant (if I believed in going to the same place twice). If ever looking for a truly amazing Las Vegas experience, this is the place.


If you do find yourself staying at the Cosmopolitan, go find the hidden pizza place. Un-named, and unmarked on the map, it serves up some of THE BEST pizza in Vegas! Cheap slices, cheap large pizzas, it is definitely worth the find. If my memory serves me correctly, a little corridor between Jaleo and Blue Ribbon will lead you right to it!

I thought the bar that served up the best drinks was the bar by the lobby- Vesper Bar. Perhaps it was the bartenders, or just the fact that it was what I called the “first impression” bar, but they served up some awesome drinks- the Mojito being my personal favourite.

Ask for the upgrade, and for sure ask for a Bellagio fountain view. Be nice at arrival, possibly throw down a tip, but if you do not ask, you will not receive. But remember, the key is to be NICE. You behave entitled, and rude, you will receive nothing.

Overall, I really did love this place! It left a great impression, and it really made my first trip to Vegas amazing! I imagine my experience in Vegas will never be quite the same, and it is solely due to this amazing hotel. It is trendy, it is young and vivacious and has a great scene. I do suggest it, but don’t expect to find a great deal on this gem any time soon. If you can dish it out,  you will surely love it!

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