Extreme Fun: Flight over Nazca


Peru is a country filled with mystifying history. Not your standard destination, the kind of place you ask “how did this get here?” type of questions.

One of those major historical sites are the Nazca lines. Those are ancient geoglyphs located in the desert of southern Peru. Primarily only recognizable from the skies. Some of these images are of monkeys, hummingbirds, spiders, lizards and other creatures. It is still questioned to this day what they symbolized.

Many of these shapes are massive, some over 200 meters wide. So to those walking by, these symbols may be nothing more than a trench in the ground. As it lays, the question really seems to be, who were these images for?  Many various theories have come up, but the mystery still remains.

In today’s day, there is one way to see all of these figures. By flight. Now for those who have a fear of flying, this may not be for you. The planes used are generally 4-8 seaters, and to see the lines the plane must tilt on a rather high angle so they actually become visible.

The flight itself lasts no more than 45 minutes at the max, which then takes you from the Nazca airport into the desert. The images are viewed round trip so they may be seen from both windows. It really just feels like it’s a matter of minutes and then you’re back down… It really is a very surreal experience. For many years, and now, I continue to watch tv shows on ancient history, and mysteries of history, and one way or another the Nazca lines always come up, so to see them for myself was a nice reminder that the world is not so impossible to see.

The images are amazing! It is not because of their detail, nor their complexity. But the simple idea that people spent what would seem like years to carve these images into the ground. Very mesmerizing! I will say this though, it is an amazing experience- but you must be smart with your selection of tour companies and carriers. There have been many flight accidents and crashes in the past, and this is purely due to human error. Make a smart and educated selection, and all will be good. Unless of course you have motion sickness, then all may not be well. I suggest if you are one to get a little queazy, pack some Gravol, because that plane does tip left to right over and over, so it’s not for the faint of heart!

I definitely suggest it, and remember this, sometimes the best views are from the most unusual places- so get yourself to those places to get the most of the experience.

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