Extreme Fun: Sandboarding


When I went to college, I remember doing a specific project for one of my travel and tourism courses where I had to make a travel publication. I decided to focus my magazine on off-beat travelling fun. This was about 6 years ago now. In that magazine I had written an article on sand boarding. I remember myself wanting to go out and do it so badly! Although now it is popping up in more and more destinations, South Africa was one of the starting places of this fun activity.

I’m not sure if it’s easier or harder than regular snowboarding- In my opinion it is a little bit easier because the movement is a little bit slower and more controlled than snow boarding. However what many people forget, and then have a moment of realization once in location is that there is NO chairlift! Of course there isn’t…why would there be! But let me tell you, waking up early, after a very late night in Cape Town, arriving in the middle of a sandy oasis, that moment brings a terrible feeling of regret. The sun is scorching, the sand is difficult to walk on, and thats before you even see the dune!

It is so much fun!! I would do it over and over! But climbing those hills is a work out I was not planning on having. Remember this, If you are planning on taking a trip, and you plan on going sand boarding, do some cardio before! It is a lot more work than any regular snowboarding ever will be!

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