Extreme Fun: bloukrans bungee


I would like to think of myself as being adventurous. Testing my mental boundaries is a lot of fun. Those feelings of fear and adrenaline combined are so euphoric. Not too many things scare me- and as much as I want to say jumping off a bridge was not terrifying, it really was. When your heels are on the edge of the platform, your arms spread wide open, the only thing left to do is jump! It is such an exhilarating feeling. It gives you an incredibly cliche moment as though you are flying. For those few moments of sheer dropping, you realize that you are completely vulnerable, you are in control of nothing. For me, a person who feels they need to control every aspect of their lives- it is also an incredibly freeing feeling.

I jumped off of one of the highest bridges in the world (not to brag of course). The Bloukrans Bridge just outside of Tsitsikamma, South Africa. If anyone can look at that bridge, and say it’s not that high, is full of lies. That is one incredibly high bridge!

Inevitably after a death defying jump like that, all the standard questions get asked… Weren’t you scared? aren’t you afraid of dying? Well, of course i was scared, and if i said i wasn’t, i was lying. But i was never afraid of death. I feel as though everything we do in a regular day is a risk. Drive a car, cross the street, go on a plane or even take that new prescription. Point is, there are so many more likely chances that will bring you to your demise, that partaking in these activities doesn’t particularly affect my decision making. Usually when i make that same statement, Most people always come back with “Well there’s no reason to increase your chances”. But here some fun facts…

According to rideaccidents.com, Between 1986 and 2002, there have been 18 reported Bungee jumping fatalities. My best guess is that there have been a total of 30 up to most recent years.

Did you know that approximately 4 people a year die in a roller coaster accident? What about the 6000 a year that die of texting and driving? or the 1 of 4 smokers that eventually die of lung cancer?  My best guess is even more people die yearly of a bee sting…I can go on, really, I can.

I don’t smoke, I don’t text and drive, I especially don’t hang around any mischievous bees- l take my chances with jumping off a bridges.

Take a little gander at my experience… It will also give you a good snap shot of how it all get’s put together.

Aren’t I graceful? Well I like to think I am at least.

Test your fears, life is short and sometimes you have to do what scares you- However I am not one to talk, I have yet to do the one thing that truly terrifies me. Maybe one day I will get the nerve to do it.

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