Destination: PERU

Now hanging on my wall

A painting that perfectly captures the spirit of Peru

I had travelled to Peru in April 0f 2012 and it was an absolutely amazing trip. I think this is a country that everyone MUST put on their bucket list; and when I say country I don’t just mean Machu Picchu- I mean as much of it as possible.

I speak to many people who say they want to go to Peru, but then they just see Machu Picchu, which in all fairness IS one of the most magical places i can think of. But the country in itself is just filled with little pockets of colour and culture. Vibrant people and places from coast to rainforest- and one can easily consider yourself a time traveler when visiting natives of places like Uro’s or Taquile, where time and modern culture  seem as though non-exhistent. I urge those who are considering Peru as a travel destination to truly find out all the things there are to see, because this small country in North Western-South America will truly surprise you, perhaps as much as it has surprised me.

This is very much so an under rated travel destination. Everything one may want is here. Beach, culture, adventure, SHOPPING!, you name it, Peru has it!

This may just be the place that really did not have just one stand out moment. Many people expect the answer to be Machu Pichhu. As amazing as it is and was- It isn’t necessarily it. I was surprised by the amazing views down the Pan American Highway, and the mystical sights from every angle in Arequipa. Or the hidden desert oasis of Huacachina (Yup, It exists). Even the uncovered desert cemetery of Chauchilla, where death is celebrated and immortalized. The floating Islands of Uros allowed me to step back in time. The listing of my surprises are endless. This was one of the most wonderful trips of my life, and I will never take it for granted and perhaps my own sense of surprise is the stand out moment.

I don’t typically have a desire to revisit a destination once I have been there. But given the opportunity, Peru will definitely be revisited in my lifetime.

Oh…and let’s not forget Machu Pichhu!

Majestic Machu Picchu!

Majestic Machu Picchu!

Worth the JET LAG?

ABSOLUTELY!!!! I don’t care if Peru is an hour away or 24 hours away- put it on your list…IMMEDIATELY! This is really a place for everyone, adventurers, beach bums, surfer dudes and dudettes, photographers, history buffs, foodies EVERYONE! Get a plane ticket Immediately!

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