Destination: South Africa

When I had originally planned my trip to southern Africa, it was nothing like what it had ended up being. The original plan had been to visit friends in Cape Town, tour around a bit and enjoy a month of great wine, great food and great company. That plan was abruptly disrupted when I was very rudely ditched, post purchasing a plane ticket. Lesson of life, always have a plan B.

After having a few days of heavy venting and partial panicking, I had decided i needed to fill some time. With that came a great tour which went through South Africa, Mozambique, Swaziland and Lesotho. It was amazing! I saw so much more than what my original plan was! I learned more, I did more and I had a lot of fun! I’ve always been a believer that certain things happen for a reason, so I wasn’t about to let a kink in the plans ruin my trip!

South Africa, as a whole country in so beautiful and so diverse. There is so much rural landscape, with all the Safari wild life one can imagine. Then there are great concrete jungles. One of my favourite cities in the whole world is here- Cape Town. That city on it’s own will need a post.

I felt like this trip was full of lessons. History lessons, Political lessons, I even learned how to tell the difference between and male and female Giraffe.
Beyond the beauty, the diversity really struck me. Coming from a world where being politically correct is a very big deal, it was almost a culture shock to be in a place where there is such a clear cut division. The words white, black and coloured are considered acceptable descriptors, where in the world i live in, could cause nothing but sheer drama. The division between townships, and city is also incredibly dramatic. It was almost an awkward feeling seeing such racial divide. Sometimes, whatever the opinion you may have of a different country, or if you feel there are certain wrongs or rights, you have to step back and remember you are just the visitor. You have to enjoy a country and embrace it for all that it is, the good and the bad. Sometimes the good will bring a jealousy and the bad will bring an appreciation. Whatever the feeling is, it has to be remembered As travel is all about the memories and feelings that come from it.

A little piece of my heart will always be with South Africa. There is something mesmerizing about the country. Perhaps it’s just the charming accent. Whatever it is, It will eventually bring me back.


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