Safari : Kruger


On any travellers list, it is inevitable that visiting a true African safari will be relatively high on that list. Just a few months ago, I was very happy to be able to check that item off of mine. Going through South Africa one of my major stops was to the Kruger National Park. I always thought I would know what it feels like to see an animal in its own habitat, but until you see that hippo peering at you from the water, or that Elephant guiding its baby across the road, or the lions lazying around it a tree, you realize that the tv version will never quite suffice once you encounter the real thing.

My personal favourite were the Giraffes. Such fascinating animals. The tallest animal in the kingdom, yet so awkward- with life always seemingly running in slow motion. They are the perfect models, with every picture snapped it’s as if a meticulous pose was struck.


Not too far after the Giraffe, the Elephant will surely follow. The perfect representation of the animal kingdom. Large, strong and intimidating, the Elephants always made for a great photo opportunity. From the the lone soul having a snack to the herd having a nice social afternoon. In the wild they are much more grand then they will ever appear on tv. Take a look at some of these cuties…

As much as I LOVE the Giraffes and Elephants, The true king & queen of the jungle is still, and always will be the Lion. One of the hardest animals to spot, but so exciting when you do. Especially when you get a chance to spot about 10 of them, lounging in a tree!


And how can someone not LOVE the hippo. Supposedly one of the most dangerous of the kingdom as well. An incredibly difficult animal to spot as well, with only a portion of their head typically peering out of the water.


There was so much to see, it was very much like a scavenger hunt. I could have easily spent a month on an overland truck in search of all the wildlife. An absolutely beautiful experience that I would easily be apart of again.

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