Extreme Fun: Shark cage diving

Great White

Great White

Any destination I visit, I always want to experience the culture, the people, the food and all the other great things it has to offer. Where possible, I also try to find the most exciting activity or attraction. I try to push my boundaries where possible. It is not that I don’t fear things, I just choose to challenge myself.

On my most recent trip to South Africa, I ventured over to Gansbaai- about 2 hours outside of Cape Town. This is the prime spot to catch some Great White Sharks in clusters. This is also where many eager tourists, including myself, test their courage in hopes of being inches to this incredible creature.

It is incredibly intimidating when you catch your first glimpse of a shark in the wild. They are much larger than i ever envisioned. The largest one we saw on our run was about 5-6 meters long.

The cages hold 6-8 people, and although you really want to trust the strength of this cage, it is incredibly daunting. I will say this though, nothing is more daunting then the 12 degree celsius water (53 fahrenheit). I’m not sure what had more of an effect on me. Regardless of that, it is an unexplainably amazing moment when you are under water, and you see a shark face to face. It is almost peaceful, in the most frightening of ways. Once in the waters with a being of that proportion, it becomes incredibly clear how minuscule your existence is in comparison. I would do it again in a heartbeat!

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