India. And all of the quirks.

Travelling to India in any capacity is a true experience. It doesn’t matter what your reflection of it ends up being, but I can almost guarantee it will by far be the most interesting place you will ever visit. The best way I could describe it, is it is simply a sensory overload. Everything is crazy. It is the loudest place you’ll ever go, the various scents will hit you from all ends and the amazing overdose of colour almost … Read More


Oh Holi Day!

Over a year ago now I stumbled upon some pictures of people absolutely covered in colour and their faces drenched in smiles. After some general research, I soon found out, that was none other than a Hindu festival called Holi. As soon as I found out about it, and came to realize that a major participant in the world was India, I HAD to go! Here we are, just a year and a bit later and I finally went (and … Read More


What the Duck!?!

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So it’s not a big secret that food and travel go hand in hand. One of my favourite things about traveling is eating all sorts of great, unusual and delicious foods.  I really will try anything and rarely will I dislike something. I can embrace the bizarre when it comes to my appetite, and after all, travel many times is just that- bizarre. It is also probably why I always come back 10 pounds heavier.   With that said and … Read More


Why I Travel.

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It has taken me a lot of time to write this blog post. Particularly because I’m not all too sure why I travel. So after months of having this screen up, here is the best ramble I could come up with. I’ve noticed in the last few years (my prime traveling years), I seem to be on the receiving end of an odd amount of commentary on my style of travel as well as the frequency of it. None of … Read More


TOP TEN: Random things you don’t know about Iceland

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Iceland is such an interesting place, so many quirks and filled with character. I learned so many random things about this little country, and here are top ten random things you don’t know about Iceland. NUMBER ONE: Elves This is my personal favourite and I can’t hold out till the end. Elves. Icelanders love elves. And not in a fantasy creature type of way: as in, most people in Iceland truly believe in elves. Now the official number of people … Read More


TOP TEN: Tips for Disney World first timers

Just this past November, I went on my very first trip to Disney World (certainly won’t be my last). It was such a whirlwind, and so much was going on, I was glad we had everything so well planned out. I have noticed though, many people think they can just go to Disney World on a whim and that’s all there is to it! In some ways you can, especially if you can go frequently. If you can’t though, you … Read More


TOP TEN: Why you need a travel agent!

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I am a travel agent, and I am not writing this because of a biased. I am writing this because of my personal need for a travel agent, and why I think everyone should have one! I have recently said “I wish I wasn’t a travel agent, so I could have a travel agent!” I mean it. Seriously. Now let’s be clear here. I am not referring to a booking agent over at some online travel company. I am speaking … Read More


Disney World Lesson #2

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Life isn’t perfect. There are good days, bad days – great days and terrible days. Sometimes when the day doesn’t go quite as planned, it is really hard to get out of that funk. It’s another reminder of how easy being a kid was in retrospect. Problems were never an issue back then, primarily because as a child you don’t think about every potential outcome of any given situation. Being an adult is quite a bit different.  When I was … Read More


Disney World Lesson #1

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On my recent trip to Disney World, I was lucky enough to be able to go on tons of rides- mostly kiddie rides, but they were so much fun! My favourite ride, and although many won’t agree, was “It’s a small world”. Probably the most classic ride in the theme park, and one that is found around Disney Parks globally. I suppose the reason I love this ride so much is because it encompasses what I believe about the world. … Read More


Disney World. Check!

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As most kids, I grew up always wanting to go to Disney World. In my youth, it wasn’t a possibility for a few reasons, none of which I’m resentful for. But this year it was my turn! I was able to first hand learn that you don’t have to be a child to go to Disney World, or for that matter have to be a child to have the time of your life at Disney World. You can be a … Read More

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