VIENNA- Schnitzels and Schnapps

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Vienna was my least favourite stop of the trip. Nothing against Vienna though- it is fantastic in its own right- but when you have a line up of so many amazing cities, it just doesn’t quite measure up (my opinion only). Although the city was built with the intent of being a grand, beautiful city- and it is; somewhere along the way, it lost any sense of charm. It is almost too perfect, and too grand- to the point it … Read More

Prague- Ice cream and Beer

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Contiki Eastern Road Days 2-3 Oh Prague, let me tell you about Prague! What a phenomenal city- lets just start with that. As you leave Germany, you spend a few hours on route to Dresden where there is a lunch stop along with a quick moment to do some site seeing, or if you’re really keen, eat at a “Canadian” restaurant. Another few hours on the bus pass by and you arrive in Prague. The first night is started off with a … Read More

BERLIN- Walls and Sausages

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Contiki Eastern Road Berlin- Days 1-2 For me Berlin was a little bit of a daze. My flight was long and unusually uncomfortable, so when I got into Berlin it was about 1pm- same day as the tour started. Not a whole lot happens on the first day. If you get in early, or the day before,  then do a run around of the city and get your footing. Otherwise, the day has is a group meeting, followed by getting to … Read More

My very first CONTIKI!

So this summer, I did something I wouldn’t normally do. I went on my very first Contiki tour! Now, now; I know what you’re thinking. What’s wrong with that? The answer- ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Prior to this trip, I would just say; “it’s not really my style”. Reality: It is a 18-30 something group trip with about 50 likeminded people, in that age category, that pack as many sights, as many experiences and as many bars as possible into your selected period … Read More

TOP TEN: How to beat JET LAG

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Well considering it is my blogs namesake, I suppose it is time I shared the best ways I think you can avoid a heavy case of Jet Lag. I would consider myself a fairly seasoned traveler. I probably end up on at least 10 planes a year if not more, so I’ve become very well adept to avoiding the sometimes-unavoidable Jet Lag. I think I’ve got this down- to be fair, I don’t really remember the last time I had … Read More

TOP TEN: Reasons to travel when you’re young!

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Travelling is important at any age. You should travel young, old and everything in-between. There is a certain period in your life though where it can really have a greater effect on your life, and that is when you’re young. And no, I’m not referring to those young at heart. But those that are sort of between that 18-25 young. Those years can come with some of the dumbest decisions and questionable moments. Those are also the years that can … Read More

Destination: India

Where: India (Various) What: Tour of Rajasthan When: March 2014 With: G-Adventures It has taken me over a month now to write up a summary of my trip to India. Sometimes you just have to sit back and think about for a while in order to truly format an opinion. My opinion is simple; I love India. With all the quirks, all the crazy and all of the commotion, you still can’t help but love it. There is something so … Read More

India. And all of the quirks.

Travelling to India in any capacity is a true experience. It doesn’t matter what your reflection of it ends up being, but I can almost guarantee it will by far be the most interesting place you will ever visit. The best way I could describe it, is it is simply a sensory overload. Everything is crazy. It is the loudest place you’ll ever go, the various scents will hit you from all ends and the amazing overdose of colour almost … Read More

Oh Holi Day!

Over a year ago now I stumbled upon some pictures of people absolutely covered in colour and their faces drenched in smiles. After some general research, I soon found out, that was none other than a Hindu festival called Holi. As soon as I found out about it, and came to realize that a major participant in the world was India, I HAD to go! Here we are, just a year and a bit later and I finally went (and … Read More

What the Duck!?!

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So it’s not a big secret that food and travel go hand in hand. One of my favourite things about traveling is eating all sorts of great, unusual and delicious foods.  I really will try anything and rarely will I dislike something. I can embrace the bizarre when it comes to my appetite, and after all, travel many times is just that- bizarre. It is also probably why I always come back 10 pounds heavier.   With that said and … Read More

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